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Songwriter Producer Composer

Residing In Los Angeles, Dean Landon is a double platinum and gold award-winning songwriter, producer, composer and has been signed to Warner Bros. since 2003. He has been creating music for over 5 decades and his soundtracks are an exciting hybrid of high energetic epic, cinematic, rock, alternative, pop and electronic orchestral music.


His diverse credits range from work on major television networks Ellen Degeneres, Teen Titans Go, Crime Watch Daily, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Dateline, Discovery and many more, A list Hollywood feature films, Red Hoodwinked Too, Bounce, The Other Guys, Sex and the City to name a few, as well as songs written and produced for Canadian artist Roch Voisine, With These Eyes (Ne Viens Pas), By Myself, Living Out My Dreams and many others.

The Viber Room studio was built with all the necessary tools from Amphion's, Trinnov DMON, NEVE, SSL Fusion, Sigma, The Bus+ and SSL UF8,UF1, UC1, UTA UnFairchild, GML, MTRX Studio, Lynx Aurora N, Retro, Universal Audio, Smart Research, Focusrite, Black Lion Bluey, Teletronix LA2A, UA 1176N, A-Designs, Tree Audio, Crane Song, Pendulum Audio, Grace Design, UAD, Bricasti and many other units, Virtual software and plug ins.

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